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  • As a student Komine Shunsuke was in love with motorcycles like Indian and Triumph which lead to him founding his first business in the Taito ward of Tokyo as a wholesale trade company for bicycles and tires.
  • The company, Komine Shoukai, became the predecessor of Komine Auto Center. The evolution of Komine was to switch focus. Riders also responded to this change by continuing to follow the brand they had grown to love as a major player in the history of motorcycles and motorcycle supplies in Japan.
  • The focus went back to the basic goal which was the design of quality protection gear for improved rider safety while making it reasonable for the everyday consumer.
  • The new slogan, "Top quality safety products for over 60 years." Komine was being adopted by international buyers in Asia and Europe, where it was attracting attention for being affordable while having very high quality.


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