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HodakaMotoworld’s10 Tips for Touring

We should know by now that touring is best done on a motorcycle
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 Does Changing the Air Filter Affect Engine Performance?

One area of interest in the eternal quest for more engine power is the air filter.
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What does CE Protection Mean (Part 2)?

We spoke about CE Tested, CE Certified and CE Approved terminologies in the previous part, so let’s get down to the coding used for armour.

The CE code states, “motorcyclists protective clothing against mechanical impact”:
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What does CE-RatedProtection Mean (Part 1)?

We usually see the CE rating for armor and protection symbols in the riding gear that we buy. But what standard do they actually comply to? And if there are different standards, how protective is one over the other?
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Does Petrol go Bad?

case petrol – the irreplaceable ingredient of power production in an internal combustion engine. No fuel, no go.
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Brembo Explains Maverick Vinalez’s Brake Failure

Maverick Vinalez’s 230 km/h get off at the Red Bull Ring over the weekend is still hotly debated.
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Vinalez Jumped off

It must’ve been a traumatic fortnight for Maverick Vinalez at the Spielberg Circuit in Austria. Last night’s Styrian MotoGP 2020 say the rider jump off his Monster Energy Yamaha at 230 km/h, after his brakes “exploded.”
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SCORPION EXO-R1 AIR – MotoGP Homologated Helmet

There is no doubt that many Malaysians who follow MotoGP rider Fabio Quartararo’s career closely. He may be French, but the PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team that he rides for was conceived by a Malaysian, is sponsored by a Malaysian company, and the crew consists of Malaysians.
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 Why we Should Never Use Car Engine Oil in our Motorcycle Engines

I’m surprised that there are still some motorcyclists who think that using automobile (car) engine oil is okay for their bikes. This is despite all the efforts put in by petroleum companies and magazines in saying that it’s detrimental to do so.
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Kelengkapan Yang Wajib untuk Musim Hujan

Kita sedangmenghadapi musimmonsun (tengkujuh)tapi nampak gayany amonsun tahun ini membawaribut yang lebih kencangs ertahujan yang lebihlebat. Akan tetapi,kita akan teruskan menunggang, apalagi setelahter paksaber hentiuntuk tigabulan sebelumini.
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Honda CBR250RR Tahun 2021 LebihBerkuasa

Model Honda CBR250RR tahun 2021 telahdilancarkan di Jepun. Iatelah
dipertingkatkan dengan
penambahankuasaenjinsertakomponen-komponenbaharu yang lain.
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RS TAICHI RSR045 DRYMASTER RAIN SUIT – “Lightweight, High Performance”
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