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Kelengkapan Yang Wajib untuk Musim Hujan

Kita sedangmenghadapi musimmonsun (tengkujuh)tapi nampak gayany amonsun tahun ini membawaribut yang lebih kencangs ertahujan yang lebihlebat. Akan tetapi,kita akan teruskan menunggang, apalagi setelahter paksaber hentiuntuk tigabulan sebelumini.
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Honda CBR250RR Tahun 2021 LebihBerkuasa

Model Honda CBR250RR tahun 2021 telahdilancarkan di Jepun. Iatelah
dipertingkatkan dengan
penambahankuasaenjinsertakomponen-komponenbaharu yang lain.
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RS TAICHI RSR045 DRYMASTER RAIN SUIT – “Lightweight, High Performance”
Hodaka Motoworld’s5 Tips for Tyre Care

Our motorcycle will go nowhere without those round black rubber buns.

Ironically, while virtually all of us are concerned about about traction and handling, we tend to forget about them once they have been mounted. Tyres do need to be cared for, although not intensively.

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Aprilia Tuono 660 is Production Ready

The Aprilia RS 660 generated lots of interest when launched at EICMA 2018. Aprilia then dropped the bomb when they announced two more models called the Tuono 660 and Tuareg 660 at EICMA 2019.
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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Launches on 10 July

The much-awaited Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is set to be launched on 10 July 2020. However, Malaysia fans will have to wait a little longer as Indonesia will be the first the South East Asian country to receive the model.
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