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Kita tidak boleh nafikan bahawa topi keledar (helmet) merupakan peralatanmenunggang yang plaingpenting
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10 Essential Tools for Bikers

Every biker should invest in a good set of essential tools from the time he buys his first bike.
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Why Every Biker Should Wear Earplugs

It isalarming that many motorcyclistsride without earplugs
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Why it is Better to Commuting on a Motorcycle

Is there anyone doubting the exponential loss of spending power in our country for the last 5 years or so? For middleclass singles, RM 100 of pocket money may last up to 1 week (on average, discounting the spend-thrift fellas). But now, we’re lucky to make RM 100 last for two days!
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How Accurate is Your Speedometer?

Let’s begin with a statement: Your vehicle’s speedometer is likely inaccurate.
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Hydration Tips for Bikers: What to Drink and What to Avoid

It may be the rainy season as we write this, but we should never let our guard down when it comes to hydration. Our climate still has higher ambient temperatures and humidity, thereby causing dehydration. Besides, riding a motorcycle is a physical affair.
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Why do MotoGP Bikes Use Brembo Carbon Brakes?

Carbon brakes occupy the top echelons of motorcycle and automobile racing (Formula One). We’ve heard the riders, supplier and commentators talk repeatedly about them.
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2021 BMW M 1000 RR Superbike Launched

This new bike, also known as the M RR, is sportier, more powerful and lighter than even the M-version S 1000 RR. It is possibly the manufacturer’s response to their lack of top results in the World Superbike Championship, despite having campaigned in the series for two years
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HodakaMotoworld’s10 Tips for Touring

We should know by now that touring is best done on a motorcycle
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 Does Changing the Air Filter Affect Engine Performance?

One area of interest in the eternal quest for more engine power is the air filter.
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What does CE Protection Mean (Part 2)?

We spoke about CE Tested, CE Certified and CE Approved terminologies in the previous part, so let’s get down to the coding used for armour.

The CE code states, “motorcyclists protective clothing against mechanical impact”:
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What does CE-RatedProtection Mean (Part 1)?

We usually see the CE rating for armor and protection symbols in the riding gear that we buy. But what standard do they actually comply to? And if there are different standards, how protective is one over the other?
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