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Pedic Sport K1501 Portable Sanitizer

Pedic Sport
  • RM235.00

Lost from the cause of smell

  • It is a UV sterilizer that eradicates 99. 99% in moulds and bacteria that cause offensive odours and various diseases in about 10 minutes.(Effect test conducted at Japan Food Analysis Centre)

Rechargeable type that is convenient to carry and used repeatedly

  • Products that can be charged with micro USB. Because it is convenient to carry in a special case, it is also accompanied with business trips.4 to 5 irradiations are possible after completion of charging.

Pre-standby mode for safety

  • The standby mode in which the lamp lights up after 10 seconds from the switch on is carried. For safety reasons the lamp does not turn on immediately, the green LED flashes with the beep tone for 10 seconds, then the lamp is designed to light up.

Easy operation with auto off function

  • After 10 minutes of irradiation, the auto off function which turns off the power automatically is also carried. Operation is simple and easy to understand due to the combination of lighting / blinking of LED light and beep sound.
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