The Covid-19 pandemic has not abated in Malaysia despite more than a year of measures and half-measures from the authorities. Worse, it has resulted in a Full Lockdown, although, it is far from a lockdown, mess less full.

Regardless, the SOPs does not allow for long distance rides and trackdays, on top of working from home. As such, many of us will have just stare at our motorcycles and dream of activities in the future.

Here are several motorcycle-related activities you can do to keep your mind sharp.

1. Motorcycle maintenanace

Learn some basic motorcycle maintenance and simple repairs, such as changing the engine oil.Your owner’s manual contains the steps to follow or just watch a video on YouTube. 

You can also wash the bike once a while. Remember to start the engine to circulate the oil, fuel, and fluids.Plug in a battery charger to maintain the battery.

2.Watch old races

MotoGP season is on, but you can also find many wonderful videos of old motorcycle races, such as those from the 500cc 2-stroke era or the golden age of superbike racing in the 90s. You will learn lots from them, too.

3. Watch motorcycle movies

There are many motorcycle movies. Just do not be picky with the brand of motorcycle they portray, for example, “Wild Hogs.” There are also full-length documentaries such as “Why we Ride,” “On Any Sunday,” or “Fast,” “Faster,” and “Fastest.”

4. Reading

A good rider is a person who is knowledgeable. Someone who knows the ins and outs of riding and mechanical aptitude. How do you get here? By reading. Pick up an instructional book if you want to improve your riding skills. Or pick up a book on the history of your motorcycle manufacturer. Or go to a motorcycle website or Wikipedia and learn about tyres. The knowledge is all out there.But not in Tik Tok.

5. Play video games

Video games can maintain or even improve your reflexes and instincts. Of course, we like racing games, but other intense games such as PUBG or Call of Duty helps, too.

6. Be creative

Redecorate your bike with vinyls or stickers, build a Lego or Tamiya set, paint, dray. These activities teach planning and patience.

7. Plan a future ride

Everyone misses the long tours around Malaysia or across the border. This downtime should allow the opportunity to plan such future rides in detail and with greater clarity. Time to buy the books or utilise Google to great effect.

8. Just chill

We are people who not used to sitting still but we do have our lazy days, sometimes. Just use this opportunity to rest up and save that energy for the future rides. Online shopping helps, too, where we can search for our favourite motorcycle items and accessorize the motorcycle.