All of us make mistakes. But making mistakes on a motorcycle can be deadly, compared to say wearing the wrong necktie when you head to work.

Let us be clear, mistakes are not made by new riders only because even veterans and pros fub a corner or two sometimes. The only ways we could avoid them is to be aware of the possible signs and take steps to stop the mistakes from happening.

Here are five common mistakes to look out for.

1.         Riding beyond your limits

It is so easy to ride faster than you are comfortable with until you are find yourself having to grab a handful of brake.

It not just about speed, but more about beyond your confidence and skill levels. For example, a gentle curve feels like a sharp corner. You will fell that there is no room for error and this is the most common mistake that results in many single motorcycle crashes (no other vehicles involved).

There are many who think that you need to speed up to build up skill and this myth is the most dangerous. Instead, you should aim to build up your skills first, the confidence and speed will follow. Learn how to steer, control the throttle, use your vision, utilize your brakes and have a proper riding position.

2.         Misjudging corners

Not one rider has never misjudged a corner. Even the MotoGP pros do it and they do it often when pushing the limits.

Misjudging a corner does not mean hitting the ground, but it does mean that you may have misjudged your entry speed, the turn’s radius, throttle point, and exit.

But, the good news is that modern tyres and motorcycles can help you out when this occurs. Just trust your equipment and steer the bike through the corner, provided that you have not already committed 100%. There is nothing else you can do if you are already cranked over onto your knee – this is why you should always ride with some reserve on the streets.

3.         Not reading the road

Reading the road is a crucial part of riding, and is doubly important when riding in towns and cities, where there may be a lot of vehicles around you and lot happening. Failing to read the road can mean the difference between negotiating a busy main road with ease, or running in to the side of another vehicle when you get between it and a turn - which you want to avoid.

Needless to say that there are many dangers on public roads including potholes that can swallow a motorcycle. Always ride with your eyes up and maintain a wide vision.

4.         Trusting other road users

You are asking to get hurt if you ride around assuming everyone knows you are there. Other road users could be distracted by their phones, screaming kids, that stupid Adelle tune, or their air-conditioning controls that they are totally unaware of you. In fact, do not assume the driver ahead of you will not turn into you even if he did see you.

Always think ahead when you ride and keep your head on a swivel. Always be ready by acting first, such as finding some space when you ride.

5.         Being self-righteous

Self-righteous covers many aspects including not wanting to learn and thinking that we own the road.

A great part of the enjoyment in motorcycling is about learning how to ride properly and challenging yourself to ride in a manner that will ensure your safety. Yet, there are riders who refused to learn and take in incorrect examples, instead.

Thinking that we own the road because “we paid road tax too” is being uncompromising to others, while expecting others to compromise for us. It is a no-win situation. Might as well save that haughtiness for riding properly and proactively.