How to Differentiate a Genuine RS Taichi from an Imitation?

As the saying goes, imitation is the best form of flattery, there is no doubt that unscrupulous individuals produce fake goods. And we are aware of bootlegged RS Taichi riding gear in the market.

Imitation goods may look good, but they have not been tested rigorously, especially when it comes to protective riding gear. Genuine producers are required to send their products for testing and certification to ensure that they meet the specified standards. Manufacturers who sell products that are claimed to meet the standards can incur heavy penalties through consumer protection laws. But most of all, a reputable company such as RS Taichi understands that their customers’ safety is the number one priority.

But how do you tell a genuine RS Taichi riding gear from an imitation one?

The small RS Taichi label stitched to the main label is embedded with special watermarks. These marks are invisible under normal vision. However, the appear when a light is shone from beneath.

So, be sure to perform this test when you are about to purchase an RS Taichi riding gear.

One last advice, DO NOT buy a “copy ori” RS Taichi productsunder any circumstance. It may save you a few Ringgit but it will not save you – or worse, cause more injuries – in an accident. A sure-fire way of knowing whether the item is real or otherwise is if is too cheap, chances are it is too good to be true.