Every biker should invest in a good set of essential tools from the time he buys his first bike.

Motorcycles are unique because there are many areas and components that are within easy reach. This means we could not only perform some basic maintenance but also small repairs ourselves. Small issues such as loose parts, installing basic accessories, or removing the bodywork for a thorough cleaning could be done at home.

But even if you are not the type who likes to get his hands dirty, it is always better to be prepared.

A word of advice: Do invest in good quality tools. Cheap tools have large tolerances (read: do not fit properly) that may cause more damage!

1. Cable ties

This is number one on the list because the cable tie is just so versatile. It can be used for emergency repairs such as tying up a part that is loose; tying up all the cables and wires so that they do not flap around in the wind; temporarily replacing a missing bolt. You can find them in different lengths and sizes (and colours, too).

2. Duct tape/Cloth tape

This is another indispensable item that everyone should have. You can use it to temporarily stop a leak or tie up a riding boot with detached sole. It can also be utilized to hold onto a part that has dropped off.

3. Multi-tool/Folding tool

A multi-tool is a great buddy to have when you ride, as it combines several important tools into one compact package, while leaving the bigger tools at home. You can find many variations in the combination of tools i.e. with pliers or without; with knife or without; with screwdriver or without; etc.

We recommend theOXFORD Tool Kit Pro. This kit includesall the essential tools for emergency and small repairs, stored in a compact pouch which you can slip under the seat or drop into your backpack.

4. Screwdrivers

No home can do without a screwdriver or two. You can work on your bike besides fixing things in the house. You ought to have at least one straight edge and one Phillips (cross head). Look for those with black tips as these are magnetized and will help you in holding on to a screw or picking up a dropped one.

5. Allen/Hex Keys

Allen bolts are the norm on virtually every bike these days. The Allen keys can be found in fold out form or separately. You can have one set of the fold out type and another set of Allen key handles at home. Do purchase a set of handles with goosenecks (L-shaped) and with ball-ends. The latter help you to turn the bolts at difficult angles.

6. Pliers

Pliers help you to grip items with more power than your fingers can. As with screwdrivers, you ought to own several types. They are the normal (snub nose), then the needle-nose (long nose) and dedicated cutter. You can add different sizes later.

7. Wrenches

Wrenches are necessities not only for bikers but for everyone, just like the screwdriver and pliers. You do not have to own the entire repertoire of sizes from 4mm to 65mm. Instead, get those that correspond to the fasteners on your bike. But of course, it is not wrong to own a whole set of shiny wrenches (heh heh heh…). Socket wrenches are great additions too.

8. Adjustable wrench

No highly trained or good technician will use an adjustable wrench on anything. That is because the tool does not fit snugly onto any bolt or nut hence causing them to round out (damaging the edges). However, it is the next best choice if you find yourself without a correctly sized wrench or socket. The adjustable wrench is good for holding onto a nut while tightening the bolt – but not the other way around.

9. Puncture repair kit

It is still an amazement that the majority of road users do not carry a set when they are out on the road. Imagine the hassle of trying to get someone to fix the puncture when you are somewhere without telephone service or the repair bill is just too expensive. Best is just to get a set of tyre repair kit, which includes CO2 canisters to reinflate the tyre.

10. Torchlight

Yeah, yeah, every mobile phone is equipped with a torchlight. But how are you going to use both hands when working on something if you use the phone? The best solution is to get a headlight so you can leave your hands free.