Why it is Better to Commuting on a Motorcycle

Is there anyone doubting the exponential loss of spending power in our country for the last 5 years or so? For middleclass singles, RM 100 of pocket money may last up to 1 week (on average, discounting the spend-thrift fellas). But now, we’re lucky to make RM 100 last for two days!

One of the biggest money sapping factor is commuting costs – especially if you drive. As such, this article is written especially for those who are considering an alternative means of transportation that’s quick, fuel efficient hence saves time and money.

Get there earlier

If you leave home at 8.00 am on a motorcycle, you should be able to reach work by 8.30 am, if one rides relaxed. There’s still time to prepare a cup of coffee in the pantry before punching in.

Now just try leaving home at the same time if you are driving a car.

Avoiding the jam

This goes without saying. Why do you have to sit in a cage, breathing on recycled air and listening to the same song for the twentieth time, while the car burns all that fuel and time crawling along at 20 km/h?

Not to mention when it rains. Get yourself a good rain suit and keep riding.

No toll

Motorcycles are exempted from paying tolls in Malaysia, even on the highways. A one-way journey into the city in car could see one pay between RM 1.00 to even RM 5.00 on average, and you still get caught in the jam.

No Parking Fees

Although it depends on where you park. If you park your motorcycle in a mall or office building, it should cost you between RM 1.00 to RM 2.00 (KLCC) per day. It’s free if you park it at designated spots outside buildings (but please do not park in non-designated areas and on the sidewalks).

Arrive home earlier

Just as you could leave home later in the morning, you could leave your office later in the evening and still get home earlier than driving. More time for yourself or the family.

Less stress

There is almost nothing to be stressed out about when commuting on a motorcycle.That’s due to not being stuck in traffic, wishing everyone would just hurry up a little bit, especially when you have a full bladder.


Riding is exercising. A rider needs to utilize all his muscles in handling his motorcycle. In a car, a driver only needs to move his arms and feet, yet they still could not exercise their fingers to activate the turn signal. For the ultimate motorcycle exercise, try off-road riding.