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GSG Kawasaki GTR1400 Frame slider

  • RM750.00 RM1,040.00

KAWASAKI GTR 1400 / Concouse Crash pads with shock absorption through push on shock absorbing caps

Higher safety during a crash or fall

The space is an added safty future to absorb the  shock to the safty Crashpad
should your motorbike fall or tip over

Absorbs ca 1300 N (Newton) = 130 Kg (286 Pound)

The proven original construction with the safety pad is maintained

Should your bike fall over or is involved in a minor crash, there will be no need to replace the whole
Safety crash pad, you only need to replace the new cap. Thats all.

The great thing is,that all the , GSG-Safety crash pads with a central attachment, that have been produced
and sold within the past 18 years , can now be  inexpensively and easily updated with these new caps

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