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Komine JK-146 Protect Half Mesh Jacket

  • RM500.00


  • A half mesh jacket with a textile ground from the shoulders to the arms and a mesh ground on the front and rear body.
  • Despite full protection with protectors on the shoulders, elbows, back and chest as standard, it is lightweight and has excellent cost performance with high satisfaction.
  • Materials : polyester
  • Protectors : shoulder, elbow, back, chest
  • Three-dimensional cutting : Three-dimensional cutting that enhances mobility

  • Mesh : Uses breathable mesh material

  • Reflector : Equipped with a reflector that enhances visibility at night

  • Copy Protection : With anti-counterfeit label applying special hologram technology

  • Komine CE Elbow / Knee

  • Breast protector standard equipment : Standard equipment of chest protector SK-689, SK-619 or SK-682

  • Optional inner : Optional inner can be installed

  • Chest protector option can be installed : Optional one-piece chest protector can be attached

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